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Asia Events: Kaiseki Journey
09-29-2017, 02:36 PM
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Asia Events: Kaiseki Journey
If you are looking for worth upcoming asia events under the field of food and culture, this event is the top best recommendation cashless payment for you. This event will show you an insight to the Japanese culture by using delicious foods as its media. One of the best chefs involved in this event is Chef Shinichiro Takagi. He is one Goodwill Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine. There will be many cuisines presented in this event. One essential menu will be the fresh fish from Tsukiji Fish Market where only truly fresh fish served.
In this asia events, chef Takagi will present Kaga cuisine meal in multi course paired with sake, a traditional alcohol form Japan, specially from the Kanazawa breweries. This event will also become a celebration to the harvest season. In other words, participants will also have the chance to enjoy the multi sensory journey into the beauty of Kanazawa. Other reason, which makes this event worth to visit is, the starry night on evening will also accompanied by a deep conversation with chef Takagi. The conversation will take the topic of Kaga cuisine and many more. For additional information, this event will also include his experiences of culinary arts, cultural change, as well as performances in Japanese culture and accreditation service .

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